Agland (/ˈæɡlænd/; Agial: Агделю, tr. Agdelyu; IPA: [æɡˈdɛlʲʉ]), officially the Republic of Agland and Agial Principalities, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It is comprised of five provinces that make up Agland proper, and two historical principalities, hence its official name. 
Agial Flag

The flag of Agland consists of a white Nordic Cross over a grey and ultramarine background.

The country's capital and largest city is Eslodov. Agland is a member of the European Union, NATO, and the OECD. The official language of Agland is Agial. The country covers an area of 74,853km2, and in 2013 had an estimated population of 6,833,474.



Agland is governed by a parliamentary republic. The current president since 2013 is Boban Cetnovic, of the Heszut Party.

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