Agial is an Eastern Slavic language spoken primarily by the Agial people, and is the national language of Agland. It uses a modified version of the standard Cyrillic alphabet.


Letter Pronunciation English transliteration
A a a, as in father a
Б б b, as in baby b
С с s, as in salad c; s
Д д d, as in dolphin d
Е е e, as in feet e
Ж ж j, as in sz
Ф ф f, as in fence f
Г г g, as in globe g
К к k, as in cook k
Л л l, as in stall l
М м m, as in morning m
Н н n, as in noon n
O o o, as in spot o
Э э e, as in pet e
Ӌ ӌ ch, as in chart ch
Ћ ћ h, as in heart h
П п p, as in peace p
Р р trilled r r
Ш ш sh, as in shut sh
Щ щ sc ch, as in fresh cheese shch
В в v, as in vicar v
Ѫ ѫ ya, as in yard ya
Х х ch, as in Mach ch
Ю ю u, as in useful yu
Ҵ ҵ ye, as in yesterday ye
У у u, as in Ukraine u
Z z z, as in zealous z

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